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If you are looking for a Caricaturist for a corporate event, wedding, exhibition or private party, then look no further. On this website you will find details of highly talented Caricaturists
available for hire in most areas of the UK. 

If you are looking to have a caricature drawn from a photo, just complete an enquiry form and tells us your requirements.

If you looking for Christmas Party Entertainment ideas, you are in the perfect place. Our caricaturists are very experienced at getting even the stuffiest party guests laughing and smiling.

Each of the caricaturists on this site have a code number.
These are listed below and need to be quoted when you make an enquiry.
Please follow the blue links to get further information on each of the caricaturists.
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Caricaturist PaulCaricaturist #313

Based In Surrey
But Will Travel

Caricaturist #758

South East, London, South West,
Midlands & East Anglia.
Other Areas Of UK &
International Locations Considered

Watch Videos Of This Caricaturist In Action!

Caricaturist #546

Based In Essex
But Will Travel

Female Caricaturist PhotoCaricaturist #722
Fast black & white pen & ink party caricatures.
Colour computer tablet caricatures
(ideal for exhibitions and conferences!)


Caricaturist #T2000

Hertfordshire Based
But Will Travel


Caricaturist LeedsCaricaturist #283

West Yorkshire
Midlands Based
Will Travel

Caricaturist #T4500

Yorkshire Based
But Will Travel


Caricaturist #1019

Cheshire Based
But Will Travel

Photo Of Female CaricaturistFemale Caricaturist #T5500

South East Based
But Will Travel


Caricaturist #T998

 Any time

Devon CaricaturistCaricaturist #T999

Devon Based
But Will Travel

Caricaturist BristolCaricaturist #970

Any time


Caricaturist #968

But Will Travel

Silhouette cutter for weddings and eventsSilhouettist SL02


Silhouettes Of Guests
Cut In Minutes.



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There are several mis-spellings of the word 'caricaturist' and associated words. Some examples are listed below;

Caricaturist is often incorrectly spelt as characaturist, caricature or caricatures is often spelt incorrectly as
characture, characature, charicatures, characatures. It's obviously hard to spell as so many people have
a problem with it. I must admit, it took me a while to get it right. The best way is to explain how it is pronounced,
which is "cari - catur -ist". That's the end of today's lesson, and enjoy the fantastic selection of
caricatures from our very talented caricaturists.

If you would like further information on of our caricaturists including price and availability, please click here!

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