Booking Form
This is a BOOKING form, NOT an enquiry form.
If you do not wish to make a booking, do not complete this form.

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1) If electrical power is required by the 'Entertainer(s)', it is the responsibility of the 'Hirer' to ensure that a safe source of power is provided and that all local authority regulations are adhered to. If you have hired a reputable venue for the event, they should take care of this for you. RETURN TO
2) It is the responsibility of the 'Hirer' to provide a safe environment for the 'Entertainer(s)' to perform in.  
3) The `Entertainer(s)` accepts full responsibility for any damage or injury caused to the  `Hirers` venue, customers or guests due to their equipment or unprofessional  behaviour.  
4) The `Entertainer(s)` must ensure that all the equipment that they provide, meets the  statutory health and safety requirements.  
5) The 'Hirer' and 'Entertainer(s)' understand that by agreeing to these terms and conditions that they are legally bound to abide by them under UK law.  
6) The 'Hirer' cannot submit our online booking form without agreeing to these terms and conditions. If you do not wish to be legally bound by these conditions do not proceed any further.  
7) Please remember, that under UK law, there is no requirement for a signature to form an agreement. As long as you have made a formal commitment to book, be it verbal, written or otherwise you will have made a booking and agreed to the terms & conditions contained here. RETURN TO
8) Cancelation Before Returning the ‘Booking Schedule’. You have the right to cancel your booking without penalty if your cancellation is received within 7 working days of completion of the online booking form, unless your booking is short notice.
In these cases a charge will be made for the work we have carried out on your behalf.
9) Cancellation After Returning The Booking Schedule.  Any cancellation must be notified by telephone and in writing more than 8 weeks in advance. (It is recommended that the letter is sent recorded post as proof of delivery maybe required).
If a cancellation has less than 8 weeks notice then 50% of the outstanding balance is payable. If the cancellation has less than 6 weeks notice then 75% of the outstanding balance is payable and if the cancellation has less than 4 weeks notice then 100% of the outstanding balance is payable. Any cancellation will result in the loss of the deposit to cover administration costs. These monies will be recovered by legal process if not paid within 7 days.
PLEASE NOTE; A booking is not considered cancelled until we have received notification in writing (an email will suffice) and we have replied to you confirming receipt of your cancellation notice. When we receive a cancellation we will reply confirming your cancellation within 48 hours.     If you do not receive a confirmation within 48 hours, this means that we did not receive it and therefore your performer is still booked. You will then need to resend your cancellation and again await our confirmation. All monies that become due, because of the cancelation, must be paid within 7 days.
Extra Conditions Applicable To Entertainers  
10) The `Entertainer(s)` agree(s), not to make any future bookings directly with the `Hirer`, guests or  the venue, for a period of 24 months from the date of this engagement. Should this agreement be broken then the appropriate booking fees will become payable to 1st Choice Entertainment. RETURN TO
11)  Spare Condition  
12) Spare Condition  
13) All `Entertainers` are responsible for their own Tax and National Insurance.  
14) All `Entertainers` are expected to arrive at the venue in good time.  
Failure Of Entertainer To Perform  
15) If any problems arise, `1st Choice Entertainment` should be contacted immediately. 1st Choice Entertainments acts as a booking agent only and cannot be held responsible for any non-fulfilment of contract by proprietors, managers or artistes. All reasonable safeguards will be taken to ensure that the contract is fulfilled. 1st Choice Entertainment reserve the right to substitute an artist with that of similar or higher quality should the need arise. e.g.; accident or illness etc.
In the unlikely event an Entertainer(s) should fail to perform / or not arrive then the 'Hirer' will be refunded in full, EXCEPT a) Where the hirer has provided incorrect information such as (but not restricted to) date, location or times. Or b) Where the 'Entertainer(s)' have reasonably refused to perform on the grounds of health & safety or to prevent damage to their equipment. In these cases the 'Hirer' & / or Entertainer(s) must make every reasonable effort to find an alternative / resolution to the problem.
16) By signing this contract the `Hirer` and `Entertainer` agree to be bound by all of its contents.  
Parking Costs For Entertainer(s)  
17) If there are no parking facilities at the venue and the entertainer incurs expenses for parking, then the hirer will need to complete the selected part of the contract and estimate the  cost of parking and add this to the cost of the act. Most performers will have heavy equipment, costumes, cloths etc, so please provide parking as close to the performance area as possible.
Where free parking is not available, the performer will pay up to £5 in parking fees. Anything in excess of £5 will need to be entered into the ‘Car Parking Fee’s section and added to the total fee.
Failure To Pay  
18) Should monies remain unpaid outside of our terms, we will exercise our statutory rights to claim interest & compensation for debt recovery costs, under the ‘Late Payment’ legislation. The minimum payment under this legislation will be £40 plus interest at 12% on top of the outstanding amount.   Our payment terms are generally balance paid in full 21 days prior to the event and form part of this contract. Different terms can be agreed in certain circumstances. RETURN TO
19) In the unlikely event you should have cause for complaint, with regards to an 'entertainer' this should be reported as soon as possible by telephone or email within 24 hours of the event to 1st Choice Entertainment. Give as much detail as you can. Your complaint must then be put in writing within 7 days of the event, while the details are still fresh in everyone’s mind. This can be done by email or post.
1st Choice Entertainment, being neutral, will act as mediator in any dispute with the aim of resolving the situation to the satisfaction of all concerned.
20) These terms and conditions override any other agencies, companies or individuals conditions, unless agreed to in writing.