On The Spot Sample Caricature Six

For Caricaturist 1019

Funny story to this one. This Chap walked past the caricature booth at Alton Towers with his family & friends a number of times. I said to the artist that was working along side me that I would love to draw him because he had such a great face to draw.

Later in the day he came back to the booth, but he didn't want a caricature. He just wanted his daughter to be drawn. In the end I said to him come on Sir sit down I'll draw you for free! You've got a great face for a caricature! His family and friends found this funny and made him sit for a caricature.

Once the caricature was finished his family & friends were laughing so much, even more once I showed him his caricature. He liked the caricature so much that he paid me, and also gave me a big tip ( Happy Days )

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