Caricaturist #293
  Covering Mainly Wales, The North West & West Midlands
Other Areas Also Considered

Caricaturist 293, was born in Manchester but grew up in Abersoch. He started drawing as a child and won 1st prize for his artwork in his first exhibition at the age of 10.

He then won an Art scholarship to attend school at Ellesmere, where he held another exhibition. He went on to qualify as a ‘Technical Illustration & Design Artist’ at Bournville College in Birmingham. He left Bournville in 1988 and worked for Fletcher International Sports Boats and Performance Sailcraft.

He then moved on to set up his own business in 1989, after receiving several commissions. His vast range of artwork, added to his many years of experience, have made him one of the most sought after freehand technical artists of the time.

He is Internationally renowned as a Caricaturist and he has been commissioned to draw many famous celebrities. He has been working as a Caricaturist for over 25 years, entertaining at functions and company promotions (such as Mercedes open day) all over Great Britain and also the Algarve. Many couples have hired him to entertain at their weddings , an idea which is now becoming more popular than ever!


This caricaturists technical commissions vary from assembly drawings and cutaway/ exploded car illustrations to tourist information maps.

His project design skills are ingenious and he can and does design virtually anything! If you want to find the man that can……contact this is the artist for you!Caricatures

He has recently been featured in several local newspapers & national magazines, including a 6 page feature in Classics Monthly. He has also appeared on TV.

He has attracted a great deal of International interest on local tourist websites featuring and displaying his ‘Aquatic Lotus Esprit’. Nigel planned and modified from a scrap body shell. He then rebuilt and converted it, to use as a boat.

This talented artist has illustrated cutaway machinery for assembly instructions, cars for magazines and T Shirt designs through to new house illustrations for building companies brochures. His talent for airbrushing extends to vehicles and motorbike helmets, surfboards etc.

He is arguably one of the most talented Technical Illustration and Design Artists in Great Britain. He can be commissioned for most forms of Artwork.

Samples Of Caricaturist 293 Live, On the Spot Caricatures
Please Click Each Image To Enlarge
On The Spot Caricature 1
Black & White
On The Spot Caricature 2
Black & White
On The Spot Caricature 3
Black & White
On The Spot Caricature 4
Black & White
On The Spot Caricature 5
Black & White
On The Spot Caricature 6
Black & White
On The Spot Caricature 7
Black & White
Double Caricature Of Bride and Groom
Black & White

Samples Of This Caricaturists Studio Caricatures
Please Click Each Image To Enlarge

Studio Caricature 1
Drawn In Colour From A Photo
Studio Caricature 2
Drawn In Colour From A Photographs
Studio Caricature 3
Drawn From Photographs And Airbrushed
Studio Pet Portrait
Drawn In Colour

More Caricatures From This Caricaturist Coming Soon

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