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Born in cave and raised by Meer cats, Andy started drawing at a very early age.

After years of drawing on the walls of their caves, his parents, now quite old in Meer cat years, sent him off to school with his own kind, in the hope he would stop arsing around with a pencil and become a doctor or something.

Sadly his parents’ hopes of him becoming a medical practitioner were dashed and a career in the arts beckoned. In 2002 Andy got his first break and secured a place on ‘Strip-Search’, a Birmingham based initiative designed to find and nurture young comic book illustrating talent. Since then, he has never looked back. His illustration skills have been employed by companies large and small.

He has caricatured his way through bars, clubs, weddings, Bar Mitzvahs and has now managed to apply his skills to teaching children how to cartoon.

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On The Spot Caricature On The Spot Caricature On The Spot Caricature On The Spot Caricature
    On The Spot Caricature  

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