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Caricaturist #T5500




"It was definitely one of the highlights of the day"
Garreth & Nicky

"She is our best & most popular caricaturist - great artist, great professional"
Paul Gordon

"Roche loved you!"
Lea Graham

"She is very talented - Thank her very much for helping to make our day so successful"

"Another satisfied customer!"
Crown Entertainments

Celeb list:
Client list:
Dame Vera Lyn
Peter Stringfellow
Michelle Collins
Gordon Ramsey
Richard Branson/Virgin
Lorraine Chase
American Express
British Airways
Marconi (Italy)
Marks & Spencers
Marriott Hotel Group
Mercedes Benz
Yellow Pages
British American Tobacco

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Customer Reviews

Customer Review 3


I hope you've recovered from your marathon at the Fun Day yesterday?

I'd just like to say a big thank you for the drawing of our Granddaughter, Georgia. (as per attached) She's not noted for her
patience or ability to queue so it was a bit of a challenge before you were able to wave your magic pens! However, all was
worth it, an excellent result but we now have a fight with her mother as to who gets to frame and display the picture!

Thanks again and best wishes with all your future drawings.

Stephen Beasley 

Customer Review 4


She was incredible, really made the day special-excellent artist with great presence and was able to complete a high volume of quality drawings. Great addition to our friends wedding and a real pleasure to deal with.

Thanks, Andy

Customer Review 5

Hi Mandy

I am very pleased you like your flowers. I just wanted to say a little thank you as without your help I wouldnít have got this done in time. You took the time out to help me when others didnít respond to me in a week (you got me in touch with the caricaturist within about 20 mins I think!!). The caricature is amazing, itís as if she could see how I had it in my head.

It was so important to me as I was best man at my friendís wedding and not only did I want to give them the Caricature for their wedding present but I also had it blown up as a cut out (6í by 4í) and I used it as a prop in my speech, which they loved.

So thank you again for your kindness. Wishing you all the very best,  Terry.